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Our Story

You've said it. We've all said it. When it comes to beauty and self care, we've heard the
phrase THE THINGS WE DO echoed from one woman to another, like a secret password to womanhood. We use it in reference to all the crazy things we have heard other women do, or have done ourselves for the sake of refinement. We have plucked, waxed, cramped, squeezed, lasered, poked, and birthed. 

We know the world of beauty can seem like a depthless circus. We want you to know that we will help guide you to safe and effective options meant exactly for you with natural intention. The Things We Do is a beauty concept bar where healthy skin and facial balance are aligned. Welcome.

Vanessa Lee, TWD Founder

Vanessa Lee, TWD Founder


What To Expect

  • to be appreciated and heard.

  • to experience familiarity because we will treat you like family.

  • to be exposed to the insider world of beauty.

  • to finally see results.