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Our Story

Meet Vanessa Lee and Jasmine Hill, industry insiders. Vanessa is the creator of The Things We Do and medical aesthetic provider that is a best kept celebrity secret sought after for her dedication to the look of natural beauty.

Jasmine has worked for medical skincare lines and most recently created a business where she’s one part millennial marketing specialist for the aesthetic industry and one part “Botox Whisperer” referring her network of Los Angeles influencers to the best injectors and skincare professionals in the city.

The two came together to form The Things We Do Beauty after working closely together in Los Angeles. Jasmine would send her influencers to Vanessa because they were inundated with so many complimentary skincare products they were testing out that they were really struggling with their skin. Because Vanessa’s schedule was so packed that she could no longer see patients, the two knew they had to come together to create something all women had access too. 


Our Products

Our products have been formulated from an insider’s view to cut out unnecessary products and focus on what will make the biggest impact with the least amount of fuss. We are both lovers of skincare and curated these specific products that work beautifully with the skin regimen you already love.