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We know that you are doing your best to take care of yourself in this busy, crazy world of ours. We know you are doing your best to use high end, clean ingredients on your skin and we understand that your skin probably still needs some healing + balancing.
This is where we step in. 

Why our Facials

Let’s face it; there are a lot of BS facials out there. The Things We Do is a safe space where we you can relax and have confidence in your results because we believe in our treatments and know they work. We are a cream of the crop team of skin specialists known for skin innovation. Vanessa Lee has designed these facials to bring out the healthy, harmonized side of your skin. So get started! Choose the facial you feel the most aligned with. Or let it choose you. 



Allow us to reveal to you the skin story that you were meant to have. The Heritage Facial is your remedy for city-tired skin that is starved for balance and proper tissue nutrition. Our experienced experts will delve deep into your skin history and create a plan just for you based on your level of dullness, congestion, and dehydration. You will experience a deep cleanse, essential oil steaming, an exfoliation experience calibrated to your tolerance, and professional extractions. A peel or mask will be chosen for you depending on your exact needs, and you will be treated to a relaxing Cryogen Cloud to lock in your newfound results. Reboot your skin on a cellular level with The Heritage Facial once a month.



Indulge in a profound healing ceremony for your “anxiety acne”. We often become misaligned in the busyness of life and the imbalance can manifest physically in our skin. The Healing Facial is for those who find their skin easily irritated, inflamed, or especially reactive. A healing intention is behind every movement and ingredient within this mindful facial. The universal objective of the treatment is to mend the connection with your skin and awaken a vitality that has been blocked. A gentle double-cleanse will start you off and bend right into a lavender oil steam to prepare your skin for professional extractions. Mask time. The star ingredient found in the Healing Mask is Malunggay; known in Filipino culture as one of the most powerful natural medicines, delivering heady doses of Vitamins A,B,C,D,E to nourish your skin. The transformative ingredient protects you from pollution and battles acne while leaving the skin with lasting results. We end the facial with the healing Light Therapy. If your skin could hug you after this treatment, it would. 



An experience you will be talking about for weeks; The Sacred Facial combines the ancient practice of Gua Sha and the science of cellular infusion to promote potent circulation and hydration in the skin. Before your treatment starts, you will be given the choice to ingest a CBD gummy to relax the body, then the magic begins. According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, Gua Sha is an ancient healing art that dramatically awakens the circulatory system. Livening up your soft tissues and blood flow is a powerful thing because you are essentially signaling the body to repair itself. Further facial sculpting massage and micro-current application will act as a mini face workout, giving you visibly noticeable results even after one treatment. The Sacred Facial continues as a super hydrating concoction is infused into the skin. The Sacred Facial allows the skin to lift, tighten, and restore hydration giving you a glowing skin revival. Old meets new, East meets West to get you transformative results. every. single. time.